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Activities carried out:

Both KDC and CSIR - SARI are operating together in multiple FFRUs located in 3 regions: North-East, Northern, Upper East. Their activities include: 


  • Storage methods and structures for groundnuts.

  • Organic and inorganic fertilizers to enhance soil fertility.

  • Improved Frafra potato varieties.

  • Evaluation and selection of Fonio varieties and intercrops.

  • Testing of bio-pesticides.

  • Water management.

NUS identified:

  1. FONIO - TECHNOLOGY TESTED: identification of elite climate-smart fonio landraces with high nutritional properties for release as varieties and promotion the cultivation and utilization of fonio outside the known cultivation areas. 

  2. FRA FRA POTATO - TECHNOLOGY TESTED: Demonstration fields of five improved varieties of Frafra potato were released by CSIR-SARI. The objective was to showcase these varieties to the farmers in the communities within the FFRUs and assess their preferences for the different varieties.



Sustainable soil management

Sustainable soil management, Integrated soil fertility management strategies, intercropping. 



Plant protection

Retrieving plant protection traditional knowledge, Post-harvest management strategies to avoid mycotoxin contamination.



Sustainable water management

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