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Communication System

All the Communication activities aim at raising visibility of the project information and findings to the various audiences, including groups beyond the project community. Communication channels follow a beneficiaries’ oriented approach: a tailor-made plan linking specific messages to specific audiences via the most appropriate channels. An Editorial board has been created to organize and orient the flow of info, all collected in  the Website. 

Communication strategy and main outputs

Editorial Board



Official Statements & Events

Social Network

Practice Abstract

Main Objectives of D&C Activities:

  • Give visibility and promote all the actions of the Project

  • Raise awareness on Sustainable intensification of Agriculture and on African farming systems 

  • Improve knowledge and know how exchange among different stakeholder’s (research bodies, businesses, public authorities, civil society and other) at local, national and international level on Sustainable Intensification in small holder Agriculture

  • Improve dialogue between the actors involved in soil management and sustainable intensification agriculture 

  • Create experience sharing spaces among quadruple helix actors on field practices deriving from previous and current EU projects

  • Disseminate periodical updates of the Project main research within the scientific community 

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