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October, 28 2022 Kakamega, Kenya

KALRO Field trials

On Friday, October 28 2022 During the field visit organized in the demonstration field of the KALRO - Kakamega, different farmers had the opportunity to express their knowhow/ yield improvements/technological advancements experienced within the context of the EWA-BELT Project. In particular, in the field the consortium had the possibility to visit, the technology of intercropping, planting in row, the use of organic manure and the use of AFLASafe was experimented.

“Each of us is given our country its own ability and improvement, so young men who can grow our vegetables are given that project, to help them grow in life. We thank KARLO for having taught us how to grow maise, sorghum, and finger millet because we didn’t know how to prepare meals, but now we know. Our elders used to throw the seeds, and now KARLO has given us a way to plant normally in lines. We used to find it very difficult to plant those crops, especially sorghum and finger millet, but now we know thanks to KARLO, the community appreciated these.” One of the farmers involved in the FFRUs and in the field experimentation conceived by KALRO.

"Before the project started, we were stricken by Hunger, but hunger has now gone down, and we have moved up, to our level. We thank the partners and the supporters to pull us up so that we kick hunger with the community. The way is still long, and many improvements need to be done: we promise you to improve our techniques among our neighborhood and you promise to come back quickly and teach us some value addition”.

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