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African countries suffer from high levels of food and nutrition insecurity exacerbated by an increasing impact of climate change on agricultural production. The Sustainable Intensification (SI) approach offers practical ways to increase agricultural yield, while preserving natural resources (water, soil, biodiversity and land) and flow of ecosystem services. SI requires fitting interventions according to local needs and contexts. Based on these assumptions, EWA-BELT project aims at promoting food production systems through SI in representative small holder farming systems of different agro-climatic areas of East (Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania) and West (Burkina Faso, Ghana, Sierra Leone) Africa and, consequently, to realize an interregional African “belt” able to promote SI by assessing and exchanging best practices and experiences among different contexts.​

Context & Objectives

Case study areas


Farmer Field Research Units

Research activities on SI technologies are based on a multi stakeholder approach that foresees the direct involvement of farmers and other relevant actors at different levels along the value chain through Farmer Field Research Units or FFRUs, a learning and exchange space.

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Joint YouTube Channel

Visit the newly-launched SFS 35 2019-2020 JOINT YOUTUBE CHANNEL

Sustainable Intensification in Africa (H2020) - @sfs35
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