Project Management Board

The coordination and overall management of the Consortium will be led by UNISS, through a Project Management Board (PMB), supported by the Steering Committee (SC). The SC is the decision-making, monitoring and strategic management body of the project who will ensure the effective implementation of the activities and the achievement of the objectives of the project within the foreseen deadlines. It consists of all WPs leaders and one reference person from each partner if not already represented as WP leader.


Regarding the PMB, it will be responsible for ensuring the compliance of the Consortium Agreement; ensuring the administrative; circulating all appropriate information, monitoring activities; supporting partners in coordinating and carrying out WPs and Tasks paying attention that the implementation is coherent to the identified milestones, deliverables and deadlines; collecting periodical financial and technical reports, internal reports, as well as acting as intermediary between the consortium and the EC producing periodical reports to them.


The Project Management Board will prepare and manage the project meetings. The activity includes the preparation of agendas, invitations, documents and reports, logistics of the events, minutes and action lists. Communication with the EC will be guaranteed by the Coordinator, who will represent the only interface with the Commission. It will act on behalf of and in agreement with the members of the consortium and will report to the SC and GA any request by the Commission.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 862848

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