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SFS35 H2020 Projects

Sustainable Intensification in Africa

Sustainable Intensification in Africa

The agricultural sectors in Africa and Europe share the common challenge of moving towards more sustainable ways of agricultural production, first and foremost of the so-called Sustainable Intensification (SI). Financed under the call H2020 SFS 35 2019-2020, the projects EWA-BELT, SustInAfrica, SustainSahel, UPSCALE and Soils4Africa, are all experimenting with already existing practices and new innovative methodologies in several countries in Africa to provide a comprehensive map of local, regional and national indicators and guidelines to improve food-security all across the African continent. To this end, the projects focus on several and heterogeneous issues covering the full spectrum of Sustainable Intensification.

This Joint YouTube channel represents a unique synergy to disseminate the activities, practices and results implemented and achieved by these projects so far and beyond the life of their activities, showcasing the benefits of agroecological innovations on the ground and providing evidence to support the mainstreaming of agroecological practices.


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