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Kundok Development Consulting

Research Institution

The Kundok Development Consult Limited (KDC, Official website) is a limited liability entity that was formed and registered with the Registrar General Department (RGD) of Ghana and incorporated under the Companies Act, 1963 (Act 179) in 2014. The company operates mainly in the three regions (Upper East, Upper West, and Northern regions) of northern Ghana in the areas of Agri-business, Research, and Training Services.

Who We Are

KDC is a limited liability Company with 6 experienced Experts in the areas of Agronomy, Crop breeding, Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects, Postharvest Technology, Agricultural Extension, and Agricultural Economics. There is another set of 6 staff made up of young graduates who are considered interns and Administrative/Accounting personnel. KDC collaborates effectively with both Governmental and Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) in the areas of Agricultural Technology generation and Transfer to farmers in the northern part of Ghana.

Our Own Experience

KDC has been engaged in validating and disseminating proven technologies generated in collaboration with the National Agricultural Research Systems (NARS) since 2015. These are carried out through on-farm adaptive research and demonstration with farmers, Farmer Field Fora (FFF), and Training of Trainers (ToT) on the technologies validated especially on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) concerning climate change effects in Northern Ghana. In addition, KDC also executed contracts in baseline surveys and evaluation of projects belonging to both Governmental (GO) and Non- non-governmental organizations (NGOs). KDC members with different areas of expertise have gained more experience in working with both GOs and NGOs in northern Ghana in the areas mentioned above and these are also similar to the activities to be implemented in the EWA-BELT project.

James Mantent Kombiok

I am a Principal Research Scientist in Agronomy and the Director of Kundok Development Consult Limited (KDC). I have 24 years of experience in research in the areas of cropping systems and soil fertility maintenance for crop production and I also gained over 20 years of experience in agricultural technology transfer (dissemination) to farmers from being the co-ordinator of Research-Extension-Linkage Committee (RELC) for the northern region of Ghana from 1997 to 2017. I was the local manager who coordinated the activities of the four Ghanaian partners in an EU-funded Jatropha project (GHAJA) which was Coordinated by NRD (UNISS) from 2010 to 2014.

10_KDC_James M_Kombiok_staff.jpg

I will be leading WP2 in the EWA-BELT Project which deals with traditional crops and innovative Agricultural practices and also responsible for subtasks such as evaluating and selecting best performing traditional crop varieties for adoption by farmers.

Mashark Abdulai

10_KDC_Mashark Abudulai_staff.jpg

I am a Principal Research Scientist (cop breeding/Agronomy & Extension) and my role in KDC is crop breeding I also assist in the dissemination of agricultural technologies to farmers. I have over 30 years of experience in crop breeding and the interpretation and analysis of data from baseline and project evaluation studies. I have led several teams in successfully executing both baseline and project evaluation studies within the past few years in KDC. My role in the EWA-BELT project includes assisting in the validation of existing technologies for transfer and conducting baseline studies on the production of traditional crops such as Fonio at the sites where KDC will be introducing the crop.

Yakubu Iddrisu Sheref

I’m an Agricultural Economist and Data Expert in agriculture performance evaluation at KDC. I have over 37 years of working experience in the field of socio-economic evaluation on the success and impact of government and donor projects to rural farmers. I have over 20 years in designing and supervising the collection of data on the outcomes of projects on beneficiaries. I have expertise in developing indicators to measure project success on the target people and also assist in the documentation of project results.

10_KDC_Yakubu Iddrisu Sheref_staff.JPG

I also work in collaboration with Knowledge Management consultants for the documentation of success stories of projects with the rural poor. I work with KDC as an agricultural economist and data design and management Expert. In the EWA-BELT Project, I am responsible for subtask 6.2 in the WP6 at KDC.

10_KDC_Pascal Agbaam_staff.JPG

Pashal Agbaam

I am a specialist in Agricultural Extension and Rural Development at Kundok Development Consult I have over twenty- six (26) years of experience in agricultural extension.  I have been largely engaged in providing technical advice and support to farmers and other agricultural-related stakeholders in areas of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), general farm management, nutrition and food security, climate change adaptation and mitigation, and soil and water management. 

I am the agricultural Extension Expert and I will be involved in some of the subtasks in WP2 of the EWA-BELT Project in re-discovering and improving traditional crops such as Fonio and improving traditional agricultural practices including soil and water conservation.

Fuseini Haruna Adan

I am a Postharvest Technologist in Grain Storage Management. I have gained over 35 years of experience as an extension Officer with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture in the areas of technology dissemination. I have also in the past worked with DfID CPHP- Crop Postharvest Programme in Ghana on the Improvement in the Storage and Marketing of Quality Legumes. My work with the African Dryland Alliance for Pesticidal Plant Technologies ( ADAPPT) a network for optimizing and promoting the use of indigenous botanical knowledge for food security and poverty alleviation in Africa exposed me to the use of botanicals in the storage of grains.

10_KDC_Fuseini Haruna Andan_staff.jpg

My role in KDC is validating and disseminating to farmers the various Postharvest technologies developed by research Institutes in Ghana. In the EWA-BELT Project, I am responsible for subtasks 3.3 and 3.4 in WP3. I will be testing the efficacy of two indigenous plant extracts in the control of field insect pests and the use of transparent plastic sheets under sun drying to minimize the potential infestation of mycotoxin in groundnuts at different harvesting dates

Albert Yamba

10_KDC_Albert Yamba_staff.jpg

I am an extension Agronomist with more than 10 years of experience in collaborating with research Institutes in Ghana to generate technologies and testing them on-farm for adoption by farmers. I also gained more experience from World Vission International (WVI) where I was involved in conducting baseline surveys before the implementation of projects and evaluating the impact of such projects after completion. In KDC, I am involved in carrying out on-farm trials or demonstrations, baseline surveys, and impact studies of projects specifically in data collection and analysis.

In the  EWA- BELT Project, I will be involved in the dissemination of technologies within the subtasks of WP2 and WP3 especially in field work including trial management, data collection, and analysis which KDC will be responsible.

Ford M. Bawah

I am an accounts officer with more than 30 years of experience. I gained my experience from CSIR-SARI where I served as a store keeper, internal auditor, and procurement officer. As an accounts Officer, I kept all financial records/books, prepared monthly reports, and periodically issued financial statements on both Donor projects and that of the Government of Ghana (GoG). For the past five years in KDC, I have been responsible for keeping accounts books and I have been from time to time issuing financial statements of the company.

10_KDC_Mustapha Ford Bawa_staff.JPG

I will ensure strict compliance with EWA-BELT financial regulations and guidelines and will be responsible for issuing financial statements periodically to update the expenditures of funds of the project to the co-ordinator of EWA-BELT.

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