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Agricultural Innovation - Interview to Alemayehu Chala

Alemayehu Chala, Associate Professor, Hawassa University, Hula, Ethiopia, gave his contribution during the Third Session of the XXI Infopoverty World Conference on the innovations applied in the farming systems.

How important is farming in your country? And how can new technologies help make this practice more productive and efficient?

Around 80% or more of the population lives in the rural area. The largest GDP contribution for the country is made by agriculture, which also contributes, the largest amount of foreign currency earnings of the country. Agriculture in Ethiopia is considered as an economic activity, which face many constraints compared to the foreign countries.

First, the agricultural technology standard practices are very much underdeveloped. In addition to this also, our crop varieties breach and adapt to the prevailing environmental condition.

In the project you are working on, how many types of activities are you carrying out?

We carry out two major activities.

The first one involves identification and mapping engaged in evaluation application of sustainable practices like testing off integrated training facility management technologies, across Canada and America, where the practice was in more curbing coping skills needed to improve productivity. This will also be followed by optimization of pesticide use, especially in which farmers will improve cost and implement practices. In addition to this, we carry out running chain analysis on technologies, including corporation’s features, as well as the news crops and proven technology for a farming community.


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