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EWA-BELT meets HE Ambassador Mr Cleopa Kilonzo MAILU

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

June 2, 2022 at the Permanent Mission of Kenya to the UN and other International Organizations in Geneva

On Thursday June 2, 2022, Arch. Saporito, Maria Chiara Scipioni, Simone Merafina and Martina Baldessin met with HE Mr Cleopa Kilonzo MAILU, Permanent Representative of Kenya to the United Nations and other international organizations at Geneva, and his Team at the Permanent Mission of Kenya in Geneva.

After initial presentations, Arch. Saporito outlined the EWA-BELT Project to HE the Ambassador, focusing on the activities carried out by the consortium and the local partners – University of Nairobi and KALRO – in Kenya. Mainly operating in the Western Kenyan territories, the partners are working on providing food-security measures to farmers while OCCAM is developing the PLANTHEAD Platform, in which HE Mr MAILU expressed his interest.

On the EWA-BELT Project, appreciating the efforts put so far and the digital advancements that have taken place in the country as well as recognizing the potentials of the Project in terms of e-services, HE the Ambassador expressed the intention to bring the EWA-BELT Project at the governmental level in Kenya and to spread awareness on the future outcomes of the Project within the United Nations and other International Organizations in Geneva. To do so, further technical and scientific information and details were requested and will be provided by the identified representatives from University of Nairobi, prof. Sheila Okoth and PhD Noel Makete, Centre Director Sericulture Research Center KALRO - Kakame.

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