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EWA-BELT presented at the 25th Commission on Science and Technology for Development (CSTD) by OCCAM

From March 28 to March 31 OCCAM, the Observatory on Digital Communication was invited to participate and intervene at the 25th Commission on Science and Technology for Development held in room XVIII at the Palais des Nations in Geneve.

The United Nations Commission on Science and Technology for Development (CSTD) discusses how the digital revolution affects development and offers new strategies in view of a sustainable future for all. The forum analyzes and frames the critical issues influencing the fields of science and technology at multilateral and governmental levels.

The 25th edition of the Commission addressed two important topics: Industry 4.0 and Science, technology, and innovation for sustainable urban development in a post-pandemic world.

At such a prestigious stage and inspiring context, Arch. Saporito, President of OCCAM, had the opportunity to present the results and Digital Best Practices achieved so far within the EWA-BELT EU-H2020 Project framework.

The EWABELT Project was cited as an example of how technology and science could be applied to achieve sustainable intensification pathways in the African farming systems. Attention was devoted to the integrated participative research innovative tools developed in the Six African Countries of the consortium as well as the importance of addressing gender issues and women empowerment in such contexts. The multi-actor approach, the field experimentation, and the development of ICT- based tools for detection and quantification of plant pests and pathogens through a PlantHealth Platform were introduced during the second day of the Commission’s work.

The main pillars of the EWA-BELT Project have been endorsed throughout the four days of the Commission’s work and debates. On this matter, eminent speakers and high-level experts manifested their interest in the EWA-BELT Project. Among others, Mr. Benson Kinyagia, Principle Scientist at the Governmental National Commission for Science, Technology, and Innovation in Kenya; Mr. Malcolm Johnson, Deputy Secretary-General, ITU; Angel Gonzalez Sanz, Chief of Science and Technology and ICT Branch at UNCTAD.

President Saporito and H.E. Mr. Muhammadou M.O. Kah, Vice-Chair of the CSTD The occasion also called for the announcement and presentation of this year's XXII Infopoverty World Conference theme “Digital Citizen: duties and rights to build a fairer and more inclusive Future Society” where an entire session will be devoted to EWA-BELT.

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