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Under the management of the team of Professor of the University of Nairobi, Shaila Okoth, Dr. Wachira, Dr. Abigael Ouko, Mr. Okere and some students of the University of Nairobi and Ms. Jael Ondego the peanut farmers of Western Nyakach were coordinated to carry out the activities of the EWA-BELT project. The collaboration of farmers has allowed the use of their campaigns as demonstration fields, the farmers have benefited from bountiful harvests as a result of their acquired knowledge of the use of BOMA MANURE and new agricultural technology and systems, such as the inline planting system and spacing methods that facilitate weeding. They have allowed small farms to obtain abundant harvests, unlike the old methods of growing peanuts where large farms ended up producing almost nothing, hence the discouragement. The farmers have highlighted different challenges:

Farmers in West Nyakach Ward
  1. Drought - Here we are dependent on rainfall, while there is a permanent flowing tunnel full of water and long gardens that could be exploited in our gardens for irrigation.

  2. Birds- They cause a lot of chaos as they can eat any plant.

  3. Wild Animals - There are wild animals such as mice, squirrels, porcupines and others.

  4. Parasites - Although controlled but still realized.

  5. Lack of mass production machines.

  6. Lack of funding (capital) for adequate production leading to a change in value.

Question to Mr. Samwel Billy Onyango

Which are the main changes that the farmers are undertaking which are resulting in the success of the projects?

Mr Samwel Billy Onyango

This is the third harvest that they were experiencing, we have experienced the first harvest which was very good. Modern technology has been a success, it has allowed a great improvement for the locals. A significant problem, that unfortunately the area has been experiencing drought, the area has been experiencing a shortage of water, and very dry land, even if the area has water underneath the surface. Drought, but pests are being controlled. Weeding which is today mechanical has been of great improvement for the outputs from the fields. Another thing that can be significantly helpful for the farmers is “a peeling machine” to make the peeling off of the plants less time consuming and ease the work.

Summary: Planting in rows, spacing, increased workforce/know-how from the students of Nairobi

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