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Research Institution

STMicroelectronics Srl is one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies, offering one of the industry’s broadest product portfolios. ST serves customers across the spectrum of electronics applications with innovative semiconductor solutions by leveraging its vast array of technologies, design expertise, and combination of intellectual property portfolio, strategic partnerships, and manufacturing strength. The ST department participating in the project is the Silicon Biotech team of the System Research and Applications (SRA) Group.

Who We Are

The SRA Department is an R&D organization addressing the need of ST to increase system know- how and to scout new markets and technologies. Its mission is to provide ST with leading-edge innovation in Security, Imaging-Video, Connectivity, Ultra-Low Power, and Healthcare, ensuring early IP access to all ST’s product divisions, as well as address R&D in new fields. In the Healthcare field, SRA with its Silicon Biotech team has been addressing the research on Lab-on-a- Chip-based portable diagnostic systems, for the deployment of molecular diagnostic tests and applications on the field.

Our Own Experience

The Silicon Biotech team was created in 2006. It can leverage state-of-the-art competences, laboratories, and infrastructures for design, manufacturing, and validation, with capabilities ranging from electronics, optics, mechanics, and software to biotechnologies. This peculiarity allows ST to bring together the key competences required for the design and realization of advanced diagnostic tools. Particular focus is put on low cost, portability, and high reliability, which are paramount for the deployment of advanced diagnostic solutions at affordable cost in developing countries.

Marco Cereda

I’m the Biology Team Leader in the Silicon Biotech R&D team. I earned a degree in Industrial Biotechnologies at “Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca” in 2008. I joined ST in 2007. My focus is on applied research in the biotechnology field. In particular, I’ve been studying the applications of microelectronics and microfluidics to biotechnology techniques, like qPCR, DNA/RNA extraction, and protein analysis. Currently, I’m mainly involved in the development and validation of the BIO2BIT ® qPCR portable platform. I’ve been leading its biological testing and validation and also supporting partners/customers in developing new tests on it.


I’m co-author of several papers published in peer-reviewed scientific journals and co-owner of three patent-pending inventions. I’ve already participated in three other EU- funded research projects. Within the EWA-BELT project, I’ll lead the development of the molecular test to be run on the BIO2BIT ® qPCR portable platform.

Alessandro Cocci


I’m the Engineering Team Leader inside the Silicon Biotech R&D team. I obtained a degree in Biomedical Engineering at “Politecnico di Milano” in 2007. I joined ST in 2007, in the R&D team that has developed the qPCR platform, contributing personally to the development of the hardware, firmware, and software solutions. My team has competences in system architectures, software and firmware development, hardware design, optics, mechanics, and microfluidics. My main interest is the development of innovative platforms, based on biochemical MEMS, to manipulate DNA and other biological molecules.

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