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Agriculture - Interview to Joseph Adjebeng-Danquah

Joseph Adjebeng-Danquah, Senior Research Scientist, CSIR-SARI Talensi, Ghana spoke during the XXI Infopoverty World Conference about food and economic benefits in rural communities in Ghana.

In a vast and complex field like agriculture, what are your action plans to innovate this aspect?

We are also looking at integrated soil fertility and water management practices to improve the yield of millet. We are also working on developing harvest strategies that looks at minimizing contamination in granite and we are looking at management in case of damages. We believe that the using plant based pesticides, such as seed oil leaf extracts, could be a way of providing income, generating activities for the women. Moreover, we are thinking of using other traditional plan, for managing damage caused by insect.

I imagine that such a complex project also requires attention from an environmental point of view. How do you manage to use local resources?

For the soil nutrient management, we are trying to look at using compost from locally available plant residues to prepare organic fertilizer that can be utilized by the farmers and then for the water management strategy we are looking at, easy to rainwater harvesting techniques

for maize sorghum and millet, and we explore the entire region and also add in stone band them as a way of harvesting water. And apart from these, we try to look at developing effective pre and post management strategies to avoid pests and one clear example is using plant based extracts to control when and where we tested these.


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