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EWA-BELT mission in Tamale and experimental fields in Ghana

September 4 / 8, 2023; Tamale (Ghana).

The EWA-BELT Consortium flew out to Tamale to participate in the activities organised by the University of Sassari (UNISS), Cranfield University, CSIR-SARI, Kundok Development Consult Limited (KDC) and Aristotle University of Tessaloniki (AUHT). In particular, partners of the Project first joined the coordinators in the First Scenario Workshop (4-5 September 2023, Mariam Hotel, Tamale), aimed at introducing and briefing on the so-called Key Exploitable Results (KERs). As a matter of fact, the EWA-BELT project has been working to develop or validate technologies aimed at increasing productivity while contributing to sustainable Intensification of agriculture through specific KERs. The workshop thus intended to present them to the interested and attending stakeholders while simultaneously consulting with them to collaboratively develop strategies that will guide their exploitation now and beyond the life of the project.

On September 6 - 7, 2023, partners headed out to the experimental fields of CSIR-SARI in the Nyankpala and Wale Wale districts for the WP2 Capacity Building Workshop to practically explore the exploited soil management techniques and approaches across the Belt. They drafted hypotheses and methodologies as well as studied data and main results, with a particular focus on organic fertilisation research, followed by a joint reflection on future common actions and dissemination pathways.

On the last day, September 8, 2023, the EWA-BELT Consortium joined the Coordinator in Tamale for the WP2 Capacity Building Workshop on the application of Drivers-Pressures-State-Impact-Responses (DPSIR) Framework in East and West African countries for Sustainable Water Management and on Traditional water harvesting techniques discussing preliminary results and expected ones in the context of water harvesting, while also identifying required processes and phases of data collection.

Through the successful participation of partners of the project, external stakeholders and third parties, EWA-BELT reached a further milestone in its objective of promoting SI in agricultural practices in African communities.


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