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EWA-BELT Project facilitated farmers’ exchange visit to East Africa Impact Center at ECHO

May 09th-10th, 2022) at ECHO office Ngaramtoni Arusha District, Northern Tanzania.

TARI researchers (Deodatus Kiriba, Adili Mvena and Michael Justine), extension officer (Ms. Eugenia Kweka) together with farmers from Arusha DC had a two-days opportunity (09th-10th May, 2022) of study visit at ECHO office Ngaramtoni Arusha DC, under the EWA-BELT Project learn different technologies which are being practised by (East Africa Impact Center) ECHO that are important for the farmers and researchers. The key of the study visit at ECHO was to create awareness to farmers and researchers on organic farming, ecosystem, agroforestry, seed bank, Biogas, use of natural energy (solar dryer), nutritious vegetables.

Through this visit, a team of researchers and farmers had an opportunity to learn various issues concering organic farming, agroforesty and other related matters.

Farmers listening to ECHO field officer explaining on use of solar dryer to dry vegetables

Farmers listening to ECHO field officer explaining on the importance of nutrious vegetables to human health

Vermicompost unit at ECHO farm using vegetable waste product.

ECHO field officer elaborate functions and importance of vegetable solar drier to farmers

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