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Partnership agreement between EWA-BELT Project & INCiTiS-FOOD project

Updated: Jun 13

Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the two EU-funded projects

On December 18, 2023, the EWA-BELT Project and INCiTiS-FOOD Project signed a partnership agreement (MoU) to promote international cooperation for a sustainable future in Africa.

Recognizing the opportunities and challenges African communities face, in line with their common missions to enhance food security and nutrition in the continent, the projects have agreed to collaborate on specific activities aimed at facilitating and supporting mutual cooperation, the exchange of knowledge, lessons learned and experiences as well as at joining hands in the organization of future events and any dissemination and communication activities that can benefit both projects.

Acknowledging the importance of sharing best practices and information about success stories with their wider networks and regions of operation, the projects will initially cooperate on ongoing activities in Kenya, Ghana and Sierra Leone – them being the countries where both parties are operating at the moment – to eventually widen the scope of the agreement to include other benefitting nations.

This strategic collaboration will provide both Projects with new insights and results to enrich research activities while also ensuring that the involved communities have free and facilitated access to a wider database of information, achievements and potential solutions thus enhancing the transfer of best practices, traditional and innovation knowledge as well as the creation of focal points and think thanks towards an autonomous, sustainable and promising development process.


More information about the collaboration will be made available as soon as the agenda of activities will be defined by the Representatives of both projects.


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