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Digital Agriculture and Food Security – Interview to Giovanna Seddaiu.

Giovanna Seddaiu, EWA-BELT Project Coordinator, University of Sassari and Desertification Research Centre – Italy, opened up the Third Session of the XXI Infopoverty World Conference addressing one of the main objectives of this event, Food Security and technologies applied to agriculture.

How could food security be promoted?

The only way to promote it is to bridge the gap, but also reducing the cost to harvest the losses that usually are very high because of the technologies used to store the products of before consumption or selling. So the digital agriculture is a key strategy that we are using and trying to implement within the Ewa-Belt project. We are interpreting this concept of digital agricultural for the African countries. In addition, other important pillar is the women empowerment. Furthermore, it could be useful to promote south cooperation especially in Africa.

In the field of agricultural innovation and Food Security, how can gender differences influence the production process?

This aspect is very important because women perform more than 50% of the agricultural activities in Sub Saharan Africa. It represent about the 60% - 70% of the food produced, but women farming productivity is lower than the men’s one because they have limited access to resources such as land credit and other productions impulsive. In this field, we are organizing many activities, using participatory approaches and taking care of the women participation and empowerment.


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